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1. Online Submission Content
The Author (Primus Exhibitions Group, its affiliates and representatives) by no means warrants the offered information to be actual, accurate, correct, and reliable. The Author declines all responsibility for moral or the material damages as a consequence of use/disuse of the submitted information or use of erroneous or incomplete information if no errors were committed by the Author. No offer will be considered as binding. The Author reserves the right (Author is legally qualified) to supplement, modify or cancel the web page, either periodically or constantly, in whole or in part.

2. Links
The Author is not responsible for direct/indirect linking of external foreign web pages beyond his scope (ultra vires) unless the Author is aware of their contents and has the technical capability to prevent the illegal use of web pages in case of unlawful content. The Author has no influence on the current or future content and design of web pages containing links. Therefore the Author disclaims all responsibility in relation to information on or accessible via links from his web pages. All links indicated in the personal on-line submissions, as well as those indicated by foreign users in guest books, forums and destination lists created by the Author, are covered by the previous statement. In no event will the user linking to the website be liable for any damage resulting from use / disuse of unlawful, erroneous or incomplete information available via these links. Any damages resulting from links to the web page are the responsibility of the page supplier.

3. Copyright
The Author acts on the basis of intellectual property laws governing graphics, sound, image or text created by him, or using licensed graphics, audiovisual elements and texts. All trademarks used in this Internet-project, as well as trademarks registered by a third party if needed, are permitted to be used in compliance with legal proprietary rights of the registered owner. Any statement of wrongfulness of trademarks registered by a third party is considered invalid. The Author claims ownership of the material submitted transmitted or published by the Author. No part of this web site (graphics, sound, image or text) may be reproduced or transmitted by any means, electronic, mechanical recording (including publishing) without prior permission from the Author.

4. Privacy Statement (Private Data Protection)
Professional and Financial information (name, email address and company address) within this Internet-project is provided by the users voluntarily unless they refuse to provide such data. All services that require payment are technically possible to be rendered and paid on the assumption that no information will be given that personally identifies the user (or pseudonym).

5. Liability Agreement
These requirements are considered as an integral part of the Internet-project, which links to this web page. The content of this agreement remains in legal force despite any inconsistency of any parts of this text with current legislation.

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